Message from Chief Executive Officer

Dear Customer and Friend,

Welcome aboard LAM, the Mozambican Company!

LAM PCE: Antonio Pinto

We start the year 2017 with the increase of air ticket sale outlets to bring our services to the country’s major economic centers, that because of their location, do not include the main LAM stores.

This project results from synergies developed with the Postal Service of Mozambique, and allows us to rationalize resources and contain costs through the use of the infrastructure and human resources of the partner company, while LAM ensures the training and availability of the sales systems.

Initially, we started in Xai-Xai, curiously the only provincial capital that did not have LAM’s services. Later, we went to Mocuba, another important economic center, and by the end of the year, we expect to cover other cities away from the provincial capitals, reinforcing our role of promoting National Unity.

On the Internet, our services add benefits for Customers, with super-promotions of 80-percent discount on tickets.

These achievements and others that we will present in due course are part of the range of improvement measures to be introduced in a year in which we celebrate the Company’s 37th anniversary, and redouble our efforts to complete the international recertification process. 


We wish you a good flight!

Have a good flight!

Dr. António Pinto

Chief Executive Officer