Message from Chief Executive Officer

Dear Customer and Friend,

Welcome aboard LAM, the Mozambican Company!

LAM PCE: Antonio Pinto

We share with you the results of actions aimed at the continuous optimization of the flight operations in your and our Flag Carrier, where we have recently hired new pilots and proceeded to specialize more Mozambican captains, increasing the availability of crews for the multiple DAH-8 Q400 aircraft.

In parallel, the training of new captains and co-pilots for the Embraer 190, in a reinforcement cycle of the technical and specialized staff of our core business, which includes the integration in the Company of Air Force student pilots, assigned under the current Memorandum of Understanding between LAM and the Ministry of Defense. With the same perspective, the hiring of new Mozambican aircraft engineering and maintenance technicians is under way, who have been hired through a public recruitment effort.

To this optimization of the staff, we have added the achievement of an important matter in our commitment to our esteemed passengers, translated into the establishment of a flight schedule previously made available to the public and which runs until 31 October, 2017.

This commitment results from LAM's deep introspection as a vehicle of National Unity, valuing the contributions, opinions, suggestions and comments of the market players, in terms of the critical success factors of flight operations and the provision of other services in our value chain.
Therefore, we will soon present other achievements whose ultimate goal is to provide more comfort and convenience to our esteemed Customer, in order to make the experience of flying aboard our aircraft even more enjoyable.


We wish you a good flight!

Have a good flight!

Dr. António Pinto

Chief Executive Officer