Message from Chief Executive Officer

Esteemed Customer and Friend,

Welcome aboard LAM, the Mozambican Company!

LAM PCE: Antonio Pinto

The year that ends is an important milestone in the new trajectory of your and our LAM, regarding the optimization of services. The recent renewal of the IOSA Certificate - IATA Operational Safety Audit, effective up to October 2019, after excellent audit results, is the corollary of increased efforts to improve and guarantee the safety standards of our operation.

This recertification is the fifth consecutive one, after others obtained in 2015, 2013, 2011 and 2009, soon after the first certification in 2007. This achievement demonstrates LAM's commitment, as an airline and vehicle of National Unity, to comply with international standards and align with national entities and authorities, and has therefore been an active part of regaining credibility for the national aviation system, which this year regained prestige by witnessing the national airlines being once again permitted to fly over European airspace.

These results serve as an incentive, as well as challenge us to make the implementation of the company's revitalization process much quicker, on which the reorientation of the focus of action stands, which will be included in the new Company’s Strategic Plan, already underway.

We have thus begun a new phase to make LAM more dynamic, modern and prepared for a competitive market where the suggestions and contributions of our clients and partners are vital, so that together we can continue to build a prosperous Mozambique. 

We wish a Happy New Year and happy holidays!

Dr. António Pinto

Chief Executive Officer