Message of the Chief Executive Officer

Dear Friend and Client

Welcome on board!

In the year now drawing to a close, we have taken significant and important steps to diversify the ways we sell our air tickets, seeking to offer more purchase options, including better factors in comparison with tickets bought in shops.

Administrador Delegado LAM - Iacumba Aiuba

It is with this spirit of innovation that we recently included debit cards as a means of direct payment for sales on the Internet, on our website, where the cost is lower compared to other means of purchase.

Also in the list of products which give greater autonomy to clients in purchases and, in celebration of the fourth year of CREDIVIAGEM, a flexible and personalized means of payment, which allows clients to travel first and pay later, we shall shortly expand the advantages associated with this card, which include doubling the number of air miles offered to new clients, and launching a campaign that will give valuable prizes.

Through these actions, we intend to provide our clients with more choices in the way they acquire air tickets, using new technologies and creating opportunities to travel at convenient times and at accessible fares, for greater comfort, flexibility, convenience and accessibility to our air transport services.

Just as we are developing concrete actions to improve our services, we also express our total openness for our clients to present their own opinions, contributions and suggestions, in order to participate actively in the consolidation of a LAM committed to innovation, competitiveness and sustainable growth.

Your collaboration strengthens us in our pledge to offer a new experience of flying.

We would like to wish you a happy and prosperous 2015!

Have a good trip!

Iacumba Ali Aiuba

Chief Executive Officer