Message of the Chief Executive Officer

Dear Friend and Client, welcome on board!

In this year, when we are celebrating the 35th anniversary of our company, we have defined a series of actions, the implementation of which will lead to measurable results in providing advantages for our esteemed passengers in using the services of LAM.

Administrador Delegado LAM - Iacumba Aiuba

The first benefit we should mention lies in our unceasing concern to provide greater convenience, beginning with a new, more comprehensive way of selling tickets, done entirely by mobile phone, wherever the client may be, as long as he has money in an M-Pesa mobile banking account. Thus M-Pesa becomes a platform through which one can purchase LAM air tickets.

The start of purchases by mobile phone bears wit- ness to our commitment to diversifying the means of purchasing tickets, by using the new communications technologies. In this same context, since October 2014, internet ticket sales have accepted debit cards as a means of direct payment, as well as credit cards, which have been accepted since 2009.

Recently, 30 flight attendants were trained, and they are now working on our flights as part of our determination to improve continually the services provided to our valued passengers.

We are also undertaking a revision of our timetable to ensure greater reliability in our operations.

We are introducing an integrated management sys- tem for the commercial area, operations, maintenance, finances, supplies and human resources, which will allow a qualitative leap in our services and stimulate the development of LAM’s human capital.

As always, your comments, opinions and suggestions are paramount for our Mozambican pride of serving well, which we always strive for in LAM, to shorten distances with Mozambican smiles and hospitality.

Have a good trip!

Iacumba Ali Aiuba

Chief Executive Officer