Baggage Information


The passenger luggage consists of articles and personal belongings that the passenger carrys during the journey. There are two categories of luggage:

Hand Luggage

É considerada bagagem de cabine, toda a bagagem pessoal transportada pelo passageiro a bordo do avião, estando isenta de pagamento de taxas.

Checked Luggage

A bagagem de porão corresponde à bagagem do passageiro transportada sob a responsabilidade da LAM. Após terem sido aceites no check-in, todas as bagagens, previamente à disposição do passageiro, serão identificadas e carregadas para o porão do avião.

Live Animals

Apesar do facto de todos os animais serem aceites nos compartimentos do avião como frete, apenas os animais de estimação poderão ser aceites como bagagem.

Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods are articles or substances that present a significant risk to health, safety and property. Accordingly, their transport is strictly controlled by international dangerous goods regulations, which specify the conditions under which these items can be transported without endangering the safety of the crew, the staff, passengers and property.

Sports Equipment


Golf equipment consists of a golf bag and a pair of golf shoes per passenger.


Dry batteries or not Subject to Leaking

To prevent damage to the airplane and to ensure flight safety and passenger, the electric wheelchairs that utilize this type of battery will be accepted for transportation, provided that the procedures that follow are respected, according to the type of battery used.

Weapons and ammunition

Ammunition, firearms and other weapons will only be accepted as checked baggage provided that they are unloaded and properly packed for transport. The transport of these is the responsibility of the customer.

Objects of Value

As a matter of safety LAM advises that valuables be removed from checked baggage and the baggage be carried by hand.  LAM does not assume responsibility for loss or damage of these items when carried as checked baggage in the hold.

Excess Luggage

The free baggage allowance per passenger on LAM flights complies with the following stipulations:

Recommendations on luggage

Remember that you should always put identification tags on your checked baggage, which must include name and physical data. Stickers are available to passengers in LAM sales counters and check-in at airports.

Lost Luggage, damaged or misplaced

In case of violation, damage, loss or any irregularities with your luggage or objects inadvertently left in an LAM airplane, please contact the Lost & Found desk upon arrival at the destination, before leaving the arrivals hall in order to formalize your complaint and comply with established procedures.