New rules for hand luggage on flights to and from South Africa have recently been established by the South African aviation authorities.

LAM has joined the movement of solidarity with the citizens affected by the floods in the centre and north of the country, and has delivered goods resulting from contributions made by its workers, as well as by the company itself. Committed to helping minimize the suffering of citizens now facing difficult circumstances, the company donated a tonne of crockery, of a type that was once used on board its aircraft.

A LAM - Linhas Aéreas de Moçambique, S.A. e o Moza Banco rubricaram no dia 23.12.14, um Protocolo Comercial e de Cooperação que prevê a concessão aos trabalhadores da LAM, de um universo variado de Produtos e Serviços financeiros em condições preferenciais.

LAM has introduced several novelties with the IATA new winter timetable, in effect from 30 November 2014 to 28 March 2015. The Maputo-Harare-Maputo route is now operated by a jet aircraft, an Embraer 145.

Since October 2014, in line with international standards and practices recommended by ICAO and IATA, LAM has been undertaking a series of actions to train its workers in SMS – Safety Management System – and risk management.

In December LAM began flights with a single tar- iff, known as LETZGÔ. In an initial phase, this new offer serves the cities of Maputo, Beira, Nampula, Tete and Quelimane, with dedicated, direct flights twice a week to each destination.

As part of its efforts to improve the proficiency of its workers, this year LAM has undertaken training activities with a stress on standards of attendance which have benefitted the staff involved in attending to clients; the maximisation of the knowledge and skills of the crew, which culminated in ensuring that their skills are adequate to the various types of aircraft used by the company; the training of new cabin navigation staff, whose training course is now in its final phase and will allow the hiring of more than 30 of them for the LAM staff table.

A LAM – Linhas Aéreas de Moçambique realizou nos dia 18 e 19 de Setembro de 2014 o seu Seminário de avaliação do grau de execução do Plano Estratégico 2014 – 2018, no primeiro semestre de 2014.