Under its Social Responsibility and with the aim of promoting Mozambican culture, the Mozambican flag company is the official carrier of the “Reencontro” project.

LAM, in the context of its Social Responsibility, offered cushions to a nursing home in Lhanguene, in the city of Maputo, in order to alleviate the suffering of those most in need.

LAM was present at the “Sanganai/Hlanganani - World Tourism Expo”, the 2017 edition of the International Tourism Fair of Zimbabwe, held from 28 September to 1 October, in Bulawayo.

Online check-in gives passengers more autonomy and is available to LAM customers. Its implementation has proven to be very useful, having been the preferred channel for more than 15,000 passengers, which represents 3% of the global number of passengers who have flown on LAM.

It is increasingly evident that customers are choosing to buy LAM tickets online. The national airline has registered in recent months an increase of around 61% in online sales compared to the same period last year. The results demonstrate the public's preference for new technologies as a way to make their travels viable.

LAM was once again the official carrier of the 53rd edition of FACIM. In this year's edition, the national airline promoted the online sales channel, highlighting the online check-in services, real-time flight schedules, online ticket change and promotional fares with an 80% discount.

LAM has recently reduced fares for children from 0 to 23 months of age (less than two years old) on its domestic and international flights.

Since May of this year, LAM has been showcasing the “Happy_Moz” promotion as a way to boost traffic and encourage tourism, as well as other forms of leisure activities that include visits to family members.