Company History

LAM - Mozambique Airlines was founded in 1936 as DETA, a division of the Ports and Railways services. After independence, by Decree 8/80 of 19th November 1980, DETA was changed to LAM - Mozambique Airlines.

Present Structure

LAM was transformed into a Limited Company, adopting the denomination of LAM - Mozambique Airlines by Decree no. 69/98 of 23rd December 1998.

The State holds 91% of the shares of the new company and managers, technicians and LAM workers hold the remaining 9% of the shares.

A Limited Company incorporated by statute in Mozambique was formed at the end of 1999.

The Board of Directors is made up by the:

  • Chairman, Dr. António Pinto de Abreu;
  • Chief Executive Officer, Dr. António Pinto;
  • Dr. Hélder Júlio da Silva Fumo, the Financial Administrator of LAM;
  • Eng.º Carlos Vasco Sitoe, LAM's Administrator of Operations;
  • Eng.º Faizal Abdulgafar Sacugy, Commercial Administrator;
  • Prof. Dr. Manuel Renato Matusse, Non-Executive Administrator;
  • Dr. Paulo Guilherme Mingot Negrão, Non-Executive Administrator;
  • Dr. Augusto Mateus, Chairman of the General Meeting;
  • Dr.ª Maria Felizarda Fernandes, Secretary of the General Meeting;
  • Dr. Shakkil F. Passades Aboobacar, Chairman of the Supervisory Board;
  • Dr. Abdul Kha Leck, Member of the Supervisory Board;
  • Dr. Stephen Uamusse, Member of the Supervisory Board;

LAM’s head office is in Maputo. It presently employs 695 workers and has offices, or other forms of representation within the country and abroad. It has administrative and financial autonomy.

The LAM mission is air transportation of passengers, cargo and mail in the domestic, regional and international markets, of regular and non-regular nature, with maximum safety, comfort and quality to satisfy our customers.

To be a group of companies in air transport, leading in the national market, and a strong competitor in the regional and international market.

We consider Safety, Security, Quality and Environment as our main priorities in our operations. Through a proactive approach we are committed to offering services that are in line with our customer’s needs, and whenever possible, exceed their expectations.

Our goal is to make your travel as enjoyable, comfortable and safe as possible. We have been working to accomplish this objective. LAM uses a fleet of Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer aircraft.