Beira is a historic city that has a commercial port, considered one of the most important in Southeast Africa.


It was founded in the 19th century and among its principal attractions are beaches, a university, and monuments, of which the lighthouse and cathedral stand out.  Beira is also an entryway to Gorongosa Park.  Gorongosa National Park is a treasure of Mozambique that provides environmental, educational, aesthetic, recreational and economic benefits for all humanity. The combination of its unique characteristics give an origin to one of the densest populations of wildlife in all of Africa.

Our flights to Beira

LAM flies to Beira from Johannesburg every Monda, Wednesday and Friday. On Mondays and Fridays you can find our afternoon flights departed from Johannesburg at 16:05 and on Wednesdays at 16:50.

Book a flight to Beira with LAM Mozambique Airlines from 3.989ZAR round trip.

Tourist Attractions
  • Beira Cathedral: on Eduardo Mondlane Avenue erected in 1925.
  • Macuti River Lighthouse: a tower rising from a two-story building, painted with red and white bands, with two galleries and lantern, all red.
  • Gorongosa National Park: a park with a bit more than 4000 km2.  It is inhabited by an impressive diversity of animals and plants – some of which are not found anywhere else in the world.  The wealth of biodiversity creates a complex world where animals, plants, and people interact.  Of the smallest insects to the largest mammals, each plays an important role in the ecosystem of Gorongosa.
  • Casa dos Bicos: on Samora Machel Avenue, a modern style building where fairs and expositions occur.
  • Clube Náutico
  • Cá te espero
  • Varanda do Índico
  • Biques Restaurant
  • Beira Sol Restaurant
Shopping in Beira

Sweet Fashion: General Vieira da Rocha Street, number 1324 - Beira

In the old part of the city there are various shops where it is possible to acquire both local artifacts as well as items from neighboring countries as well as in the beaches and informal markets.

Sports Activities

For golf lovers, the city of Beira has an excellent golf course.

In the game reserves and hunting blocks, enthusiasts can try out their skills as shooters.

Going up Gorongosa mountain accompanied by local guides is an opportunity for an exciting experience and the possibility to admire landscapes of rare beauty.