Blind and Deaf

Estes passageiros serão aceites a bordo dos voos da LAM se forem auto-suficientes. Caso estes passageiros não sejam auto-suficientes, deverão ser devidamente acompanhados.

Information about these customers should be included in the NLP (Names list of passengers).

At the request of LAM, and upon observing the payment of the applicable fee, an LAM assistant can be made available to assist the client.


Conditions of Acceptance of Guides Dog Inflight

If a passenger is blind or deaf and needs to transport a dog for guidance, LAM should be informed as much in advance as possible and it will be treated as a guide dog.

Guide dogs for the blind and deaf are transported by LAM at no cost and have the right to travel in the cabin.

The transport of a guide dog must meet the following requirements:

  • A Leash;
  • Can not move around the cabin;
  • Can not occupy a passenger seat;
  • Be identified as an assistance animal / guide dog;
  • Comply with all relevant health rules and provide all the necessary legal documentation;
  • Have documentation that it was officially trained and certified. This documentation must be presented on request.