Reduced mobility or disabilities

The invalid or disabled client, due to their physical, medical or mental health, needs customized personal assistance during take off of the flight, the trip, landing and in case of emergency.

 The aid will be different from that which is provided to other clients.

At first, clients, their family members or doctors will inform us about all cases of disability or sickness, formulating a request for special assistance. If not, the request may also be made of physical or mental conditions observed by airline employees, or others who know the client (airport authorities, travel agencies, etc.) for the following circumstances:

  • Passengers who are severely disabled, whose acceptance of transport depends on a medical report to be provided by the customer;
  • Invalid or disabled clients who must sign a "form of responsibility";
  • Invalid or disabled customers who may be accepted without any special formality.

Passengers with / without the ability to walk

Passengers with special physical conditions can be classified into the following groups for their mobility:

  • Passengers with the capacity to move under their own effort

    These are passengers who are able to enter / exit the plane or move around inside the plane without the help of another person or with minimal assistance from another person, for example,deaf, blind or mentally disabled passengers.

  • Passengers without the capacity to move under their own effort

    These are passengers who can not enter / exit the plane or move around inside it without any help.


Individual Passengers / Passengers in Groups

  • Individual passengers

    These are passengers with special conditions and passengers traveling alone or accompanied by one or more passengers are NOT disabled, but never in the company or in a group of disabled people.

  • Passenger groups

    These passengers are usually inserted into sports teams or other associations of mentally or physically disabled by forming a group traveling together. Reservations for these passengers are usually carried out as a group, however, being subject to the maximum number of passengers allowed on board as part of the group. You may need to get a special permit, and advise customers to contact the nearest LAM office in order to obtain more information.



  • For passengers WITHOUT without the capacity to move under their own effort

    The escort must be a person over 18 years with full use of their faculties. The escort will be responsible for providing necessary assistance to the passenger during the journey.

  • For passengers with the capacity to move under their own effort

    The escort of a passenger with the capacity to move under their own effort and blind should be 18 years old or older, and should not be in a group. In this case, they must fulfill the requirements mentioned above. A guide dog is considered a true companion for a blind, deaf and dumb passenger who travels alone.


Conditions of Acceptance

The acceptance of invalid or deficient customers on LAM flights or on connections with other carriers must be carefully considered. Particular attention should be given to the following situations and should be accompanied by a medical authorization:

  • Whenever transport could aggravate the health of the client;
  • Whenever the client transport may pose a risk to other passengers, the crew and the safety of the airplane;
  • Whenever the behavior of the client or their physical and mental condition make it impossible to be alone, without assistance (when traveling alone);
  • Whenever a client suffers from an infectious disease or who, because of their appearance, can cause an unpleasant impression on other customers.

In all these situations, the acceptance for transport depends on a prior booking confirmation for all trip segments.

Where transport involves other carriers, final acceptance will depend on prior confirmation, and the standards of acceptance of LAM may differ from other carriers.

Frequent Flyer Medical Card – FREMEC

This is a card issued by certain medical services for the carrier's customers with disability or permanent disability.
Although LAM does not issue this card, these customers will be accepted without any restrictions, as long as  the card is within the validity period.