Pregnant women should not be considered disabled. However, they should be subject to certain specific procedures.

The transport of pregnant women is not allowed seven days before or seven days after birth. 


Pregnancy less than 28 weeks

These passengers will be accepted without any formality in the case of a normal pregnancy without complications or problems that might reasonably be foreseen.


  • The date of birth was scheduled 4 weeks in advance;
  • Occurrence of a multiple pregnancy;
  • Estimated birth complications;
  • Pregnancy complications;
  • There are doubts about the gestation period and the expected date of delivery;
  • Risk of miscarriage or recent abortion.

Pregnancy after 28 weeks and up to 7 days before date of birth

These passengers will be accepted under the following conditions:

  • Presentation of a medical certificate - INCAD PART 2- with four copies and issued within 7 days preceding the date of departure;
  • The "Statement of responsibility" - INCAD PART 1- duly signed by the passenger;
  • Passenger must be accompanied by a doctor or a qualified nurse;
  • The passenger can choose any seat, except in emergency rows.

For safety reasons, women pregnant 20 weeks are not accepted with a baby unless the baby is accompanied by another adult.