Sports Equipment

Special Baggage 

Special Baggage  Items Up to 15kg Up to 23kg Up to 32kg
Sporting Equipment Domestic Domestic Domestic
MZN1800 MZN3000 MZN3000
Musical Equipment  
Pet in hold International International International
USD30.00 USD50.00 USD70.00

  2.      Pets in Cabin (animal + conteiner/cage) 

Carriage of: Domestic International
Domestic Animals up to 5kg (PETC) MZN 1800 USD30.00



Special Acceptance Conditions may apply for transportation of items as listed below, free of charge:· Firearms and ammunition up to 5kg – as part of the passenger’s free checked baggage allowance mentioned on the ticket;·        

One stroller, Puschchair or collapsible carrycot per infant up to 24 months only;·        

Flowers and plants up to 5kg  - as part of th passenger’s free checked baggage allowance mentioned on the ticket;·       

Assistance animals/Service dog in cabin – to accompany a passenger with disability.  

Note: Emotional Support Animals ( ESAN) used for therapeutic purposes are not allowed on board.The dispatch of 1 package containing an accumulation of 4 fishing rods / rods without the respective reels / reels is authorized, provided that it does not exceed 5 kg.