The capital is a must-visit place and a great starting point for discovering this paradise on the African continent.


Maputo, the Mozambican capital, is a surprisingly vibrant city, with immense attractions.

It has a growing cultural life because of the excitement of the street markets, where contact with Mozambicans provides a special display of local hospitality.  Also notable is the great hospitality of space and people, almost always with a heartfelt smile, that contributes in making Maputo one the nicest capitals in the world.  A visit to the Grand Market on 25 de Setembro Avenue or an immersion into the large craft market that takes place every Saturday on the 25 de Junho Plaza, helps us complete this portrait of a people with open hearts and big smiles.

Tourist Attractions
  • Casa de Ferro (Iron House): designed by Gustave Eiffel in 1892, which then was entirely made of iron, is situated on Samora Machel Avenue next to the Tunduro Garden.  Despite having been originally designed as a house for the Governor, later it was found to be too hot for the subtropical climate of Maputo, and he never lived in it.  It is currently the headquarters for the Department of Museums.
  • Maputo Elephant Reserve: found South of the city, on the way to Ponta de Ouro at the furthermost South point of the country.  Famous for its herds of elephants and flocks of flamingos in lakes found beside the coast.
  • Pequeno Libombos Dam: the waterfalls and Libombo mountains are pleasing areas for those that love contact with nature.
  • Inhaca Island: considered a biological heritage site for humanity, it possesses magnificent multicolored coral, sea turtles, sea mammals, and a diversity of unique fish life.  Situated only a 15-minute flight from Maputo and offers optimal tourist facilities.  It is an area not only recognized for its mangroves but also for uninhabited islands (Santa Maria and Portuguese Island), accessible by boat and excellent options for a day of total tranquility on the beach.  Here you can also observe diverse fish species next to coral reefs.
  • Catembe Island: Catembe is located on the other side of Maputo Bay, where you can find a long beach ideal for long walks.
  • Tunduru Botanical Garden: considered one of the most beautiful gardens in the former Portuguese colonies, Tunduru dates back to 1885.  Currently, the towering tops of the trees in the garden create an oasis of shade and tranquility for workers and tourists that pass there.  It was designed in 1885 by the famous British landscape architect, Thomas Honney, who also designed gardens for the Sultan of Turkey and the King of Greece.  For lovers of Botany, many of the trees are sign posted with information about their species and origin.  It is also possible to visit a greenhouse in the interior of the garden.  In addition, you can find tennis courts belonging to the Tennis Federation of Mozambique.
  • Macaneta Beach: with high waves and white sand, which can be reached by boat or by road through Marracuene.
  • Ponta de Ouro: 100 kilometers from Maputo, known for its waves, accessible by 4X4 vehicles by road from South Africa.
  • Malongane Point: 5 kms north of Ponta de Ouro.
  • Rodízio Real Restaurant: the specialty is the Brazilian Rodízio (steakhouse), with the best selection of meats from the city, always accompanied by the best wine list. It also offers a variety of seafood, meats and various Mozambican and international dishes. And don’t forget the famous dessert buffet.
  • Escorpião: one of the most popular places that besides Portuguese food, has a quality wine list.
  • Marisqueira Sagres: its focus on seafood, as shown by its location on the seaside, made this restaurant one of the favored preferences of citizens of Maputo and of those that visit the capital, not only during the summer, but throughout the year.
  • Dock’s: situated inside the Clube Naval, the oldest sports association in the country, Dock’s has two environments: one outdoor space between the ocean and the pool and a more formal indoor space.
  • Restaurante Costa do Sol: situated 5 km north of Maputo, at the end of Marginal Avenue, in the Costa do Sol area.
  • Feira Popular: on 25 de Setembro Avenue, with options that range from traditional Mozambican dishes to international, including Portuguese
  • Restaurante Maputo Waterfront: a restaurant specializing in fish and seafood.  It has a bar, outdoor seating space, pool, and live music.
  • Restaurante A Cegonha: a modest restaurant with a football atmosphere. The decoration houses some Portuguese and Angolan Club sports scarves. 
Shopping in Maputo
  • The Central Market: also known as the Baixa (pronounced Bye-sha) market, it is found on 25 de Setembro Avenue and was constructed in 1901.  Beyond fresh products, it offers and equally great variety of aromatic and medicinal herbs and spices as well as cosmetics and arts and crafts.
  • Xipamanine Market: even more popular and exotic, functioning as a kind of market which sells the most curious objects, from animals preserved in formaldehyde to second hand items.
  • The Fish Market:  on the Marginal Avenue, you can buy fish, and ask one of the restaurants nearby to prepare it the way you would like.
  • Alpha D Kayze: Specialist in the manufacture of Made in Mozambique cosmetics.
  • Maputo Shopping Center:  it has retail shops as well as boutiques, movie theaters, restaurants and bars.
Sports Activities

Maputo has gyms, tennis courts, a golf course, a shooting club, and an equestrian center.

Parachuting and radio controlled aircraft can be arranged by way of the Aero Club of Mozambique, member of the International Aeronautics Federation.

Open water line fishing or spear fishing are also generally practiced.

Nightlife in Maputo
  • Coconuts Complex: the most important reference in the Marginal Avenue zone.
  • For You Lounge Club: found on Mao Tse-Tung Avenue, one of the most exclusive in the Mozambican capital.