COVID-19 affects flight occupancy

LAM - Mozambican Airlines transported a total of 29,923 passengers in January 2021, against 53,249 passengers transported in the same period of 2020, thus representing a 44% decrease due to the COVID-
19 pandemic.

The four largest routes in terms of passenger traffic were:

  • Maputo-Nampula-Maputo, with 6,438 passengers;
  • Maputo-Beira-Maputo, with 4,793;
  • Maputo-Tete-Maputo, with 4,226; and
  • Maputo-Pemba-Maputo, with 3,706 passengers carried.

Still in the same period, the Company registered an operational punctuality index of 91%, in a universe of 608 departures, meaning an increase of three percentage points in relation to the same period of 2020, where the punctuality registered was 88%, for a total of 1088 departures.

Among the stops reviewed in the period in question, those of Chimoio, Tete and Johannesburg stand out, with a record of 100%; Maputo with 93%; and Nampula with 92% punctuality.

However, to respond to market demand, there was an increase in the frequency of flights to Quelimane, with more flights scheduled on Wednesdays, on the Quelimane-Beira route, and Saturdays, on the Beira-Quelimane. Likewise, flights will run between Quelimane-Tete on Fridays and Tete-Quelimane on Sundays.

Maputo, 29th of April 2021