LAM honours employees in celebration of its 42nd birthday

In the year that Mozambican Airlines (LAM) celebrates 42 years of its existence, the company has combined practicality with celebration, honouring the various professionals who have distinguished themselves over the four decades. It’s a total of 41 employees.

Carlos Morreira Açúcar is one of the decorated professionals this year, having received the bronze medal. He says that he joined the airline in 2001 as a porter in the delegation in Quelimane, Zambézia province.
Today, with a career spanning 21 years, Açúcar is proud of the recognition given by the flag company.

“This award means a privilege for me, as it is an incentive for other professionals. I joined LAM as a simple porter, but over time I was promoted to work as an administrative officer,” Açúcar says.

In turn, Clotilde Ubisse, awarded with the gold medal, looks at will and objectivity as the secret to her success and recognition in the company and leaves the advice for others.

“Commit yourselves, collaborate and dedicate yourselves so that you are indeed successful professionals. But most important of all is that to be good professionals we also have to be guided by tolerance,” the award-winning employee guarantees.

At the ceremony, LAM’s Executive Director, João Carlos Pó Jorge, began by saying that LAM, during these 42 years, has gone through many stages, and therefore it is necessary to recognise the various professionals who have distinguished themselves in the work activity. For Pó Jorge, this recognition is highly symbolic in the existence of LAM, as well as in the appreciation of its employees. “We are here with colleagues who have 20, 25, 30 and 35 years of dedicated service to LAM. These are years that have been completed with pride and responsibility to contribute to maintaining, improving and elevating the essence of this company. Today, we praise this path that enriches LAM’s mystique,” LAM’s Executive Director affirmed.

Maputo, 08th of August 2022