Luanda is the largest city and capital of Angola, but it may just be a gateway to the rest of the country, unfamiliar areas that can easily surprise in a positive way.


Luanda is a city known for its bay, its restaurants and nightlife at the same time as its conversion into a major center for business. It is here that tourists can discover the hot rhythms of Semba and a real taste of a good Muamba (Chicken stew with palm oil).

Tourist Attractions
  • National Slavery Museum: Located in Morro da Cruz, in Luanda, Angola.  Created in 1997, it sets forth the history of slavery, gathers and exposes hundreds of pieces used in the slave trade.
  • Luanda promenade (The Marginal): with architecture similar to cities like Rio de Janeiro and Montevideo
  • Mussulo Island: a sandbank surrounded by a series of small islands. On the mainland side, calm waters ideal for water sports.  There are tourist complexes and a huge amount of coconut trees and tall palms. On the ocean side, clean sea water but busier.  There are white sandy, almost uninhabited beaches where it is easy to find both women dressed in colorful clothes and fishermen walking around with their products for sale.  They are known for their good humor and smile.

Luanda has a strong culinary tradition with many good chefs, variety of food and quality of seafood and meat. Restaurants like Farol Velho (the Old Lighthouse), Clube de Empresários (Businessmen Club), Pinto's, Embarca d'Ouro, and Tambarino are considered leaders.

One must visit the Trapalhões, a true African shopping center, unveiling the most popular and charismatic restaurant in the city.

Sports Activities

There are several sports practiced in the city such as day and night tennis in Coqueiros; Golf (brown course) near the Morro dos Veados, and horse riding on the 17th kilometer of the Barra do Kwanza road.

Facilities for various water sports exist on Mussulo.

Nightlife in Luanda

Luanda nightlife has always been intense.  Clubs, nightclubs, American bars, pubs, esplanades, etc.

In the warmth of the music, the sensuality of the dance, the air temperature, good seafood, a cold drink and a sociable atmosphere, a Luanda evening has a very special intensity.

Among the many nightclubs include:

  • Jango Veleiro
  • ChillOut
  • Dom Quixote.
Shopping in Luanda

The Benfica craft market offers the best opportunity to acquire quality pieces from many places.

Many markets exist in Luanda and the largest Roque Santeiro, the largest in Angola and even one of the largest in all of Africa. There, in the open, everything is sold and you can buy everything.

Belas Shopping, today, also serves as a symbol of Angolan reconstruction.  It is a pleasant mall, with 8 movie theaters, food court, and a great supermarket.