Kenya is synonymous with safari (the word itself is Swahili – Kenya’s national language). Nairobi is a vibrant, multicultural metropolis, with a rich café culture and a lively nightlife.


At the same time, it is appropriate to note that Kenya is internationally known to possess highly organized structures for conducting safaris with professional guides trained for the purpose. Mombasa is an island to visit, with a wide variety of hotel quality options.

Our flights to Nairobi

LAM flies to Nairobi from Maputo and Pemba twice a week. Tuesday and Saturday you can find our morning flights departed from Maputo at 09:50 with stopover in Pemba.

Book a flight to Nairobi with LAM Mozambique Airlines and discover this amazing multicultural country.

Fares from Maputo to Nairobi starts from 500 USD

Fares from Pemba to Nairobi starts from 382 USD

Tourist Attractions
  • Kakamega Forest Reserve: A superb forest area housing a huge variety of birds and several species of monkeys, like the red tail monkey, colombus-white-and-black, and blue monkey.
  • Masai Mara National Reserve: A reserve of the Masai Mara people with about 1,800 km2.  It is one of the main destinations for those who want to take a photographic safari. Between July and October it hosts the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti Reserve from Tanzania to Masal Mara, a most anticipated show by tourists, although throughout the year animals can be observed mainly along the Mara river.
  • Mombasa:being the largest port in East Africa, its history dates back to the twelfth century. It was completely destroyed by the Portuguese in 1505 and was quickly reconstructed. However, in the period of just over two hundred years its rule changed hands nine times which left deep scars in the city.  These changes are still seen both in the Old City and in Fort Jesus.

The cuisine of Kenya includes specialty meat from interior zones and fish from coastal areas.

The strictly African food offerings have developed through a Swahili cuisine abundant in spices, combining Arabic and Asian dishes and adapting to the raw ingredients found in the country. The kitchen also has Kenyan Hindu and European influences.

Typically African, the Africam Heritage and  The Tamarind specialized in fish and The Carnivore, with meat as key ingredients from the kitchen.

Hindu cooking is excellent in restaurants Minar, Safeer , Three Bells and  Dhaba.

Nightlife in Nairobi

Nairobi has a diverse range of nightlife, drinking and dancing and musical attractions including nightclubs and the best bands.

  • Lond Delamere Terrace Bar:  It is a must stop for a glass of beer and the opportunity to observe the movement of the city.
  • Bar Code: It is another place known for potent cocktails and musical styles of hip hop and R&B
  • Club Sikiliza: Home of live music offering nights of jazz, rock and hip hop.
Shopping in Nairobi

Shopping in Nairobi is an art.  The best options of places to shop are the Westgate Mall in 15 Mwanzi Rd and at Thika Road Mall on TRM Drive.