Fond of tea? Here is one of the largest plantations in the world and their associated rituals. Is it not an Asian experience? No, nothing like that, an Africa experience with all the exotic features which abound there.


It is quiet, calm and famous for its landscape.  The ideal place for a different vacation. Cultural events are an integral part of everyday life of the inhabitants and in certain ways characterize the populations of Zambezia province.        

This province is famous for its traditional and quite spicy cuisine. Zambezian chicken, made with palm oil, is known throughout the country, but there are few people that can make it, keeping the flavor and taste typical to the region.  A tasting must not be missed!

Tourist Attractions
  • Old Cathedral: a magnificent building of twisted austerity
  • Nossa Senhora do Livramento Church: built in 1800, contains the graves of leaders from the colonial era.
  • Quelimane Mosque: a modern temple with a nice lacy trip on top
  • Hot Springs: known as "hot springs" they occur at the surface near the cities of Morrumbala, Lugela and Gile. The temperatures of the waters are so hot that visitors can cook eggs or other foods.
  • Marina Gadi: 50 r/c Av Maputo-Quelimane
  • Delícias Pastry: Av. Josina Machel-Quelimane
Sports Activities

The Gilé Game Reserve, with a great variety of mammals and birds, provides lovers of hunting an opportunity to get good trophies and achievements you can count on.