An influential business city, capable of acquiring several operations that range from coal mining and of course the hotel operation of a new and exponentially growing zone.


Tete is the city which allows a visit to Cahora Bassa, a dam generating about 16.574 Gwatts per hour. One of the prides of Mozambique, the dam supplies power to neighboring countries. The 1.239.800 km2  dam make this an ideal space for anyone adept at sports fishing.

Besides so many other varieties of traditional habits and customs that characterize all peoples of Mozambique that the tourist can have the opportunity to appreciate and get to know, Tete is famous for its Nyau dance, a dance to the rhythm of the drum beats in representation of taboos in the rituals initiation. The Nyau requires much agility on the part of the dancer who always hidden by a huge ghastly mask of wood.

Tourist Attractions
  • Cahora Bassa Dam: it is situated on the Zambezi River in the district of Tete, in Mozambique, meaning in the language of the country, "where work ends," an allusion to the waterfalls that prevented the inhabitants passing the river beyond that point.
  • Boroma Church: place of historical interest, for it was here that slaves were concentrated only to be sold later. Currently, it is partially in ruins, but still shows the greatness of the Jesuit temple built at the end of the 19th century.
  • Forte de São Tiago: the largest in Tete, Portuguese military construction from the 16th century
  • The rapids and falls of the Zambeze River
  • "O Teles” Restaurant: Cahora Bassa-Songo
  • Why Not Terrace: Bº Filipe S Magaia-Tete
  • Pino's Restaurant and Pizzeria: Av Liberdade-Tete
  • Pic-nic Restaurant and Bar: Av Independência-Tete  
Sports Activities

A boat ride in the Cahora Bassa Lake, one of the treasures of Songo. Here you will experience one of the best and most beautiful experiences you can have.