Fragile Cargo

Fragile cargo is cargo that can break easily if exposed to falls, shocks, and rough handling during transport.


Examples of fragile cargo include but are not limited to: antiques, ceramics, glass articles (including goods in glass containers), porcelains and toilet articles, including glass articles, marble, tiles, bricks, asbestos, bronze and stone articles, old furniture and paintings, laboratory materials and scientific devices, valves for radios and televisions, X-ray equipment, neon valves, electronic, musical and optical instruments, photo and video cameras and their accessories, glass windows and discs.



Fragile cargo is only accepted for shipment provided that:

  • It is adequately stored in solid packaging materials (grades, wooded boxes), preferably new
  • If used packaging materials are used, it is in good condition
  • If it is breakable, it must be in wrapped in packaging material that can absorb liquid