Valuable Cargo

Valuable cargo comprises any article that has a declared value of USD 1000 and higher (or currency equivalent) per kilogram.

Valuable cargo is any shipment containing one or more of the following articles:

  • Articles in gold and/or platinum, excluding articles covered by gold or platinum
  • Platinum, metals of the platinum group (palladium, iridium ruthenium osmium and radium) and platinum alloys in the grain form, sponge, bar, ingot, sheet, stick, net, tube, and strip excluding the radioactive isotopes of these metals and alloys that are subject to dangerous goods type of labelling
  • Legal bank notes, “travelers checks”, titles, rubies, emeralds, and genuine pearls
  • Jewels constituted of diamonds, rubies, emeralds, or genuine pearls
  • Jewel and watches made of silver and/or gold and/or platinum
  • Any article with a declared value above USD 1000 or equivalent (United Kingdom UKL 450 or higher by kg-gross weight)

In addition, the following articles must be considered as valuable cargo:

  • Narcotics (stupefacient, drugs such as: opium, morphine, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, soporiferous, etc)
  • Ivory


Valuable cargo is only accepted for shipment provided that:

  • It is delivered to LAM or a LAM handling agent during standard working hours and working days (Monday to Friday) except for Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays
  • LAM can take all precautionary measures technically possible to protect against theft


Valuable cargo is only accepted for transport on LAM aircraft provided that:

  • The reservation for the shipment’s weight and space is confirmed for all routes
  • In case other airlines are involved, they also have confirmed the reservation the final destination
  • Its reservation takes into account that cargo is only handled during standard working hours and working days


  • For valuable cargo a surcharge fee of 200% of the standard published tariff is applied
  • The minimum applicable tariff is 200% of the minimum rate and should never be lower than USD 20.00


  • A surcharge is levied on all shipments considered valuable cargo
  • The surcharge is applied to the declared value for transportation and the coefficient of the value charge is of 0.5%