Express Luggage


Do not be caught off guard at the airport. Plan ahead to save time and money on all your luggage needs.

Express Luggage is the advance sale of extra kilos, that is, luggage that exceeds the free weight which is one piece of up to 23 kg in economy class and one piece of up to 32 kg in business class, for the domestic flights.

This does not include the route between Maputo and Johannesburg where we offer 2 pieces of 23Kg in economy class and 2 pieces of 32 kg in the business class.


Main Features :

  • Allows the passengers to take 23kg extra, beyond the free weight allowed;
  • Sales are made exclusively at LAM ticketing offices, at the time of purchase of the ticket, through a voucher that is attached to the ticket indicating the ticket number and route.
  • Purchase must be made up to 24 hours before the flight departure time.


  • Possibility to carry up to 23kilos more paying less;
  • Discounts from 20% upwards on the excess baggage fee charged at check-in point;

Express Luggage Rates

Please refer to the table below for the applicable rates for express baggage:


NOTE: If you purchased your ticket through a travel agency you should go to an LAM ticketing office to purchase your express luggage voucher.