Upgrade to Business Class

Upgrade to business class on your next trip.

With the upgrade you will have free access to the Business Class Lounge as well as an increase in baggage allowance from 23 to 32 kgs and 2 pieces of 23 kg in economy class to 2 pieces of 30 kg in business class in the domestic market and 2 pieces of 23 kg in economy class to 2 pieces of 32 kg in business class in the Johannesburg Market.

Applicable prices for the service

Maputo Nacala 6860 MZN
Nampula Maputo 5168 MZN
Beira Maputo 4786 MZN
Nampula Lichinga 1046 MZN
Beira Pemba 1913 MZN
Beira Lichinga 3196 MZN
Pemba Maputo 5491 MZN
Maputo Tete 4522 MZN
Quelimane Maputo 5041 MZN
Lichinga Maputo 5313 MZN
Nampula Pemba 757 MZN
Maputo Johannesburg 2360 MZN
Johannesburg Maputo 790 ZAR
Tete Johannesburg 1210 MZN
Johannesburg Tete 340 ZAR
Johannesburg Pemba 670 ZAR
Pemba Johannesburg 4160 MZN
Nampula Johannesburg 2130 MZN
Johannesburg Nampula 340 ZAR

NOTE: Prices above are also valid for the opposite direction in the domestic routes.

Terms and conditions:This service is eligible only for passengers travelling in normal economy class (FLEX - with Y sub-class).

The promotion is available for purchasing exclusively at LAM's branches located at airports from 06 hours to 45 minutes before departure. 

  • Non changeable; 
  • Nonrefundable;   
  •  Promotion is available for purchase by segment only;      
  •  Limited seats available;        
  • Prices are subject to change;     
  • Upgrade is only available for flights with Business Class.