1st World Conference of Cabin Crew

LAM was one of the three African companies present at the First World Conference of Cabin Crew, held on 6-9 February 2014, in the Portuguese city of LIsbon.

The Mozambican national carrier regarded the conference as of great importance and sent its head of the On-board Assistance Department, Rosa Massimbe, and the head of Norms and Procedures for Cabin Crew, Amílcar Carneiro, to share their knowledge and experience in the commercial aviation industry, particularly in the area of cabin crew.

The LAM representatives contributed to the panels which dealt with the evolution of commercial aviation; flight phobia; health in aviation; profile of cabin crew; uniforms: past, present and future.

Alongside LAM, the African continent was represented at this conference by TAAG of Angola and Tunisair, which will host the second conference to be held in 2015.

Maputo, 08th of May 2014