General Regulations

Tickets cannot be transferred to any other person or altered in any way. A ticket is valid only for the passenger whose name is stated on the ticket. Any tickets transferred or changed will be canceled.

The segments of the ticket must be used in the sequence indicated on the ticket. If you do not use the first segment of a trip of multiple segments, all others will be invalid and will not be accepted by LAM. All tickets are valid for one year.

All fees including the airports are not included in the price applicable, and should be borne by the passenger.


Amendments and Refunds

For any changes in your itinerary flight, please contact the LAM as before. The changes may be made  according with the rules of the ticket pricing. Take into account that the passengers are responsible for any fees of services and/or differences in rates.

Refunds will be processed according with the type of ticket purchased, within the period of validity of the same. If you have questions concerning the amendment or cancellation of a ticket, please call your local reservations agency of LAM.