Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods are articles or substances that present a significant risk to health, safety and property. Accordingly, their transport is strictly controlled by international dangerous goods regulations, which specify the conditions under which these items can be transported without endangering the safety of the crew, the staff, passengers and property.

The passenger tickets contain information about the dangerous goods that may or may not be included in the luggage.

Many dangerous goods may be transported as cargo if they satisfy all the conditions applicable to their transportation.

These regulations prohibit the transport of dangerous goods in the hold. However, certain items mentioned can be carried by the person or placed in hand luggage, being limited in quantity and ONLY FOR PERSONAL USE.

In medical terms, the Security Department of LAM can accept the transport of small bottles of oxygen prior authorization.

The transport of non-leaking batteries is also allowed under certain conditions, and should first be checked with a local LAM office.

In case of doubt about the acceptance of such items, the passenger should contact the local LAM office.

There are many more categories of items that can be considered as dangerous goods. If in doubt, we advise customers to contact your nearest LAM booking office location.