Special Cargo

Special cargo is only accepted under certain conditions and subject to special transportation and storage requirements.

This includes:

Deteriorative cargo is cargo that is subject to deterioration or depreciation due to time factors and/or unfavorable environmental conditions.

Fragile cargo is cargo that can break easily if exposed to falls, shocks, and rough handling during transport.

Cargo is considered heavy and voluminous due to its weight/dimensions/configuration that can cause handling difficulties and affect the safety of the aircraft and personnel.

Valuable cargo comprises any article that has a declared value of USD 1000 and higher (or currency equivalent) per kilogram.

LAM takes every measure to ensure that all small live animals travel safely and comfortably. The majority of the animals accepted as cargo on domestic and international flights travel in the cargo compartment as LAM does allow animals in the aircraft cabin or checked in as excess baggage.

The transport of human remains is a sensible and emotional act. This service is available for all LAM routes covered by LAM.

Goods are considered dangerous goods due to their chemical and /or physical characteristics. They can constitute danger to passengers, to the structure of the aircraft, or to other shipments being transported.

Fish and salted intestines can only be accepted for transport provided that they meet the following minimum requirements:

The following items are classified as theft-endangered cargo: Watches, lighters (except of plastic material), pistols, coins (including commemorative) seals (unutilized or not), mini-computers, table and pocket calculators, photo and video cameras, recorders, radios, television sets, virgin photo films to be printed, perfumes, checks, and video cassettes.

Magnetized material is any material with magnetic force that can attract or repel other materials, particularly metals.