Distinguished employees with the most reports of safety anomalies

Within the context of improving its operations and boosting its reliability, the company rewarded three employees who reported the highest number of anomalies in the functioning of the institution, thus contributing to a reliable, safe and economical operation of the aircraft.

They were:

  • Júlia Matshinhe, traffic technician, assigned to the Operations Department, who came first with a record of 10 reports;
  • Pedro de Almeida, assigned to the External Operations Department, with five reports; and
  • Heitor de Sousa, assigned to the Nampula Delegation, with two reports.

The award, according to the Director-General, João Carlos Pó Jorge, is but a symbolic incentive aimed at acknowledging employees’ engagement in the good functioning of the entire operations chain. “The participation of employees is extremely important and we are very honoured to have these workers recognized here today as having reported significant elements, which allow us to always improve our operations, thus achieving success,” he noted.

Júlia Matsinhe, who ranked first, stresses that this award means responsibility. “When I say responsibility, I mean that I have to start engaging other employees. This time I got 10 reports and next year I have to get more. From today onwards, I take with me the responsibility of transmitting this commitment to my colleagues.” Pedro José de Almeida understands that, when a report is made, it is with the intention of improving the quality of services. “Receiving this award is gratifying for me. I guarantee that we will continue to report more and more, for the good of the company and that our company will continue to fly more and more.”

Maputo, March 2023