LAM adopts measures against COVID-19

LAM has been closely monitoring information about the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) in Mozambique.

And has been working proactively to prevent the spread of this pandemic, adopting contingency measures such as:

  • The introduction of gloves and masks for the crew during some service stages;
  • The temporary suspension of the onboard meal service, maintaining only a minimum beverage service;
  • Placement of means for disinfecting hands at points of contact with the customer;
  • Intensification of aircraft sanitization with the application of professional disinfectant on chairs, seat belts, armrests, tables, windows, ventilation openings, luggage compartment;
  • Reinforcement in the full disinfection and cleaning process held during overnight stays, for each aircraft;
  • Implementation of staff turnover in order to avoid agglomerations.

On 19st of May 2020