LAM celebrates children’s fortnight

Under the motto “For the smile of workers’ children,” LAM held an event to celebrate the  hildren’s fortnight, on 1 June, International Children’s Day and 16 June, African Children’s Day.

The moment had a unique touch for the children, as they saw a plane up close, went on board and took pictures, to help make new memories. All this happened with great fun, provided by the kindergarten teachers who joined the celebration. There was also a lot of play, with snacks in the mix, as well as dance, painting and drawing contests.

The children’s fraternisation took place in all locations where LAM is represented. About the event, LAM’s Executive Director, João Carlos Pó Jorge, said that “the intention was to emphasise one of the aspects that is common to employees, because everyone present at the fraternisation has children. They are educating and guiding. Our profession requires a lot of presence at work and absence from home. With this action, we intend to explain this to children and compensate them for our absence,” he said.

In turn, Óscar Mulima, secretary of the Company Committee, praised LAM management’s effort for allowing the celebration of the event with the workers’ children.

Maputo, 08th of August de 2022