LAM flies to Lusaka

LAM - Mozambique Airlines, S.A. will start flights between Maputo and Lusaka (Zambia) with a stopover in Harare (Zimbabwe) on June 30th. This initiative aims to strengthen ties between neighbouring countries and promote regional connectivity.

The opening of flights to Lusaka is part of the strategy to include the capitals of Southern African countries in LAM’s destinations.

Currently, the airline operates flights between Maputo and Johannesburg, as well as Maputo and Harare, in addition to Pemba and Dar-Es-Salaam.

The addition of these flights will increase travel options for passengers, eliminating the need for long layovers or indirect routes between the countries. Moreover, it will promote tourism, trade, and cooperation between the nations, boosting economic development and strengthening connections between the regional capitals.

Maputo, 4th of October 2023