LAM online sales increase

It is increasingly evident that customers are choosing to buy LAM tickets online. The national airline has registered in recent months an increase of around 61% in online sales compared to the same period last year. The results demonstrate the public's preference for new technologies as a way to make their travels viable.

Adherence to sales through the website enabled it to ascend to the group of the three largest ticket issuers, along with LAM stores and the Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP), i.e. the network of travel agents that are IATA members (International Air Transport Association).

This increase in web sales and subsequent improvement in this channel’s contribution to the company's global revenue has been more evident since LAM began implementing the AMADEUS ALTEA integrated system, in 2015, which provides interconnected functionalities for the implementation of airline ticket reservations, ticket issuance, inventory, departure control - including check-in - and the maximization of the passenger loyalty program. That is, the life of the customers was made easier.

The AMADEUS ALTEA system simplifies the use of LAM's online sales page and is now easy to fill, more interactive, objective and direct. Online sales enable the activation of the “book now pay later” option. It also offers greater convenience and comfort to the passenger, given that it allows for an online check-in after the purchase, as long as it is within the period of 48 hours to 2 hours before the flight.

Maputo, 15th of November 2017