LAM opens store in Xai-Xai

LAM recently opened a retail store in Xai-Xai, the only provincial capital which still did not have the flag company’s services.

The store opening is made in partnership with the Postal Service of Mozambique, a company from the country’s Transport and Communications sector.

With the opening of the store sales in Xai-Xai, the life of passengers living in Gaza becomes easier, given that in the past they had to travel to Maputo to purchase tickets.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Governor of Gaza Province, Stella Zeca, the President of the Municipal Council of Xai-Xai, the Administrator of the District of Xai-Xai, local economic agents, and LAM’s and Postal Service of Mozambique’s managers and employees.

The event was also marked by the formalization of the agreement, having as its signatories the administrators of the commercial areas of both companies, namely, Faizal Sacugy, from LAM, and Vasco Jovo, from Postal Service of Mozambique.

Maputo, 03rd of March 2017