LAM tickets valid for flights on air France/KLM

LAM and the Air France/KLM group signed a commercial agreement - an Interline and SPA: Special Prorate Agreement - on the basis of which, since July of the current  year, companies have issued valid tickets, by reciprocity, on their flights.

As such, these companies are connected and provide greater convenience to their customers. Under it, Air France/KLM passengers are able to continue their trips to enter Mozambique and head to any national destination on LAM flights. Similarly, LAM passengers are able to purchase single international airline tickets, where the route that the company doesn’t operate with its own equipment will be carried out on Air France/KLM flights, whose network includes more than 250 destinations worldwide.

Addressing the agreement, LAM’s Managing Director, João Carlos Pó Jorge, stressed that “LAM is constantly looking for partnerships to offer customers the  greatest convenience to travel, providing a greater number of available routes. This partnership with Air France/ KLM will expand our network of connections outside Africa.

”It should be noted that the common destinations for LAM and Air France/KLM flights are the cities of Johannesburg, South Africa; Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania; and  airobi, Kenya, where the connections will be held.

Maputo, on 02nd of July 2020