Online check-in

Online check-in gives passengers more autonomy and is available to LAM customers. Its implementation has proven to be very useful, having been the preferred channel for more than 15,000 passengers, which represents 3% of the global number of passengers who have flown on LAM.

“LAM intends to be positively present in the public subconscious, preferably loved by customers, cordially referenced by its partners and widely recommended by its passengers”, LAM’s Executive Director António Pinto said.

António Pinto also says that it is essential to serve clients well, with courtesy, friendliness, hospitality and do everything to exceed the expectations they have regarding the company’s services. “Our salesperson's smile counts towards the customer's preference for our services. Enlightening information is a determining factor for the customer to trust us and come back more often. The presentation of the options we have to meet their needs has an immeasurable appeal. Quick decisions are a superb trust asset. All this is within our reach”, the Executive Director underlines.

Faizal Sacugy, Commercial and IT Director adds: “It is imperative that we have all processes properly integrated, so that the high level we intend to achieve continuously, with the indispensable support of communication and information technologies, online platforms and tools, does not constitute a constraint on physical sales. We can and we must indeed share the fulfillment of the established goals between what we sell physically and what we sell online.”

Maputo, 15th of November 2017