The first flight to FJN

On 18 December 2021, Mozambican Airlines (LAM) carried out the first commercial flight to the Filipe Jacinto Nyusi Airport (FJN), from Johannesburg (JHB), with a stopover in Maputo.

It is a commercial flight, and LAM resorted to a South African operator, in search of an aircraft that, on this first day, made 35 seats available.

LAM’s initiative aims to attract tourists and business travelers who want to travel to the province of Gaza, from JHB or Maputo, with a reduction in travel time.

LAM’s Executive Director, João Carlos Pó Jorge, said that, after the certification of the FJN Airport, the company decided to explore the route as it understood it was necessary to respond to the demand of passengers looking beyond tourism and other businesses.

“We are exploring the route to see what is viable for the aviation market, especially on this recently opened route. We opened the market with this flight and we noticed that there was some interest in purchasing tickets. To mark this occasion, we decided to honor the first 20 passengers with a certificate of recognition,” João Carlos Pó Jorge said.

In turn, LAM’s Commercial Director, Luísa Ferreira, explained that the company intends, with the launch of the route, to cover all points in the country that will have a connection with the FJN Airport.

“It makes sense to explore this potential market. I think this is an excellent strategy. We are aware of the challenges the route may bring,” the director said.

Maputo, 16th of February 2022