In Chimoio we find springs and waterfalls, embellished by a set of mountains that are also the delights of those who prefer simply hiking.


Vila Manica is the nearest town to the neighboring country - Zimbabwe - and the second largest urban center of the region, ideal for cultural appreciations.

Tourist Attractions
  • Mount Binga: the highest point in Mozambique, with an altitude of about 2436 m. It is located in the Chimanimani mountain range, near the border with Zimbabwe, west of the capital city of the province Manica, Chimoio.
  • Cabeça do Velho (Old man’s head): A spectacular natural rock formation with the form of a profile of an old man, hence the name. It is an excellent vantage point to view the city of Chimoio. It is the place where local people usually hold traditional ceremonies to evoke their ancestors.
  • Chicamba Real Dam: located in Revué, 50km from Chimoio, has a gazebo, where you can have a magnificent view of the lake dam.
  • La Plaza: Ngungunhane Square
  • Restaurante Bar Sport Club: Av. 25 de Setembro, Chimoio
Sports Activities

There are many sports that can be practiced in Chimoio, among those which stand out: the practice of rock climbing in the area, hiking Mount Binga or even a swim or fishing in the rivers of the mountains.

Shopping in Chimoio

Ceramics, sculptures in wood and stone, basketry and straw works highlighting the famous chairs of Chimoio, can be found in stores or buying direct from the artisans themselves.