It is in Inhambane where we find excellent beaches that extend along the coast as well as the Bazaruto Archipelago. Here, there are natural parks with the most varied species of vegetation and animals, all possible to be observed.


The entire province of Inhambane is an excellent place for diving; Tofo being the best place of all.  Snorkeling a few meters from sharks, whales, dolphins and mantas is an obligatory activity for whoever visits the region.  Another option that cannot be overlooked is a boat ride to see the whales.  In addition to these activities, long walks along the expanse of beaches and horseback riding among the coconut and cashew trees are also very popular.

In the city of Inhambane, free time can be occupied with visits to the local museum, monuments and cultural places that mark the passing through of various people.

Inhambane is a historic city that is worth the visit. The cities of Maxixe and Quissico are other urban centers to visit for shopping or simply to browse the natural beauty.

Tourist Attractions
  • Zinave National Park: it has a diversity of landscapes including: miombo forest, woodlands, riparian vegetation. It also has lakes. The main types of vegetation are Miombo, Mopane, formations of savanna grasslands with acacia-Combretum, and arid landscapes. The fauna includes animals like: Lions, leopards, hyenas, hippos, crocodiles, among many others.  Various species of birds live in the park, especially along the river.
  • Tofo Beach: situated in the town of Tofo, it is a beach characterized by an enormity of white sand and very tranquil beaches.  This is the ideal choice for those who wish to spend the day resting and swimming and taking advantage of the sun.
  • Baía dos Cocos (Coconut Bay): the surrounding area is a contrast of lush green forests, deep blue ocean and pristine beaches. Face the challenge of trying to break a coconut without any tools and still be able to drink its water and collect beautiful shells that are found all around the bay.
  • Casa de Comer Restaurant: can be found at Tofo Beach
  • Maçaroca Restaurant:  here we can find Mozambican dishes like shrimp or peanut curry and Matapa as well as other diverse cuisine. It lies at 32, Acordos Lusaka Avenue-Inhambane
  • Ponto Final Restaurant and Moçambique Bakery are other very popular restaurants in the zone where you can order crab or lobster.
Shopping in Inhambane

The best buys in Inhambane are pottery and fish. In the town market, you can find arts and crafts identical to those found in Maputo but the prices are slightly cheaper.

Sports Activities

Sports fishermen on the high seas can find a variety of species throughout the year.

Divers can find flora, fauna and formations of spectacular beauty along the coral reefs.