The link to Lake Niassa is here: Lichinga. Those who like to hunt professionally and for those who have a desire to live in the midst of nature will find the perfect place.


Here are the conditions to live an unforgettable moment. Lake Niassa is so large that an observer can easily mistake the lake for a sea.

A stay at the Nkwichi Lodge will surely be a unique and memorable experience through observation of rare birds, and exposure to the idea of sustainable development and environmentally correct behavior.

Tourist Attractions
  • Lake Niassa: with its sweet and transparent waters, the landscape in the mountain area and the Niassa Reserve, with 42 000 km2, is composed of a variety of large animals, including elephants, lions, leopards, buffaloes, kudus, antelopes, among many others . That can be seen and photographed.
  • Niassa Reserve: a lovely place.  A last natural wilderness of the world.  It is intact Africa, described as the second largest preservation area for flora and fauna.
  • Mecula: on Mecula mountain in the middle of the Niassa reserve there is another project being carried out by the private group, Rani, for the construction of a luxury eco-tourism lodge.

Maria Pastry: Av Trabalho-Lichinga

Massinga Restaurant: Mandimba

Sports Activities

For lovers of hunting, Niassa province provides them special reserves where your dexterity can be rewarded with trophies increasingly difficult to obtain.

Also for lovers of diving, the clear, turquoise waters and biodiversity of Lake Niassa provide good reasons for this sport.

Nightlife in Lichinga

Nightclubs and bars allow moments of pleasant geniality.

  • Águia D’ Ouro Disco