LAM Elects New Chief Executive Officer

On 16 June a General Meet- ing of LAM shareholders elected Dr. Iacumba Ali Aiuba to the post of member of the Board of Directors of the company.

After the General Meeting the LAM Board of Directors met and appointed Dr. Iacumba Ali Aiuba to the post of Chief Exec- utive Officer of the company, succeeding Dr. Marlene Manave in this position.

Until his appointment as LAM Chief Executive, Dr. Iacumba Ali Aiuba had been Coordinator of the Commission on Economic Affairs and Tariffs of CNELEC (National Electricity Council), and a non--executive director of the INCM (Mozambique National Institute of Communications). He is also a member of GIRBI (Inter-ministerial Office for the Removal of Barriers to Investment).

Maputo, 09th September of 2014