LAM challenges employees to instill professional ethics

Mozambican Airlines (LAM) defends the need for its employees to observe professional ethics in order to better serve customers seeking services from the airline.

According to LAM’s Executive Director, João Carlos Pó Jorge, there is still a need to instill this principle within the company regardless of hierarchy.

For Pó Jorge, who was speaking during a debate on ethics and professional deontology recently held by the company, these principles should not be forced, but rather a quality that each employee must cultivate. In this sense, the fundamental objective is to have harmony between employees to better serve customers.

“Ethics is one of the most important pillars we have for the development of teamwork. We don’t want it to be forced, we want it to be born from within and for people to accept that they have to work with deontology and that they are not open to corruption,” defends LAM’s Executive Director.

In turn, the executive director for the Administrative Area and advisor to the Rector of the Higher Institute of Science and Technology of Mozambique (ISCTEM), Hélder Jauana, who chaired the debate, said that it
is not enough for a company to have an ethical code. It is equally important that the actors enforce it.

“It is important that people understand what they are doing in the company, and from there they will continue the challenge of what everyone should do in the organisation and what the organisation itself expects of
them. Therefore, business ethics is currently an essential goal to be achieved,” Jauana said.

Maputo, 08th of August 2022